Innovative Connector Solutions for Industry 4.0 and Sustainable Production

Smart factories enable manufacturers to optimize production, boost efficiency, minimize waste, and tackle workforce challenges head-on. At the heart of modern manufacturing is Industry 4.0 technology, a game-changing movement where digital technologies, automation, robotics and advanced data analytics converge. Innovative connector solutions are required to empower smart factories and meet the ever-growing demands of manufacturing.


Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing

High-speed, high-power and hybrid multi-functional connectors allow manufacturers to unlock the full potential of Industry 4.0. Offering seamless integration and unparalleled performance, Hirose empowers smart factories and helps manufacturers thrive. Hirose Electric provides versatile, high-performance solutions that cater to various applications, including data, power, and signal transmission.


By collaborating with OEMs to create tailored connector solutions, Hirose can address unique interconnectivity needs with more efficient and effective solutions for smart factory emerging trends - such as IoT, machine learning, big data and more. Hirose Electric's advanced connector solutions have played a crucial role in the evolving landscape of smart factories, including helping manufacturers unlock unparalleled efficiency and intelligence in the following applications.



  • Application Description: Interconnectivity provide seamless communication and data exchange between devices, systems, and machines. Interconnectivity drives efficiency, productivity, and informed decision-making.
  • Solutions: Hybrid connectors combine power and signal contacts to offer space-savings. A shielded housing ensures high-speed transmission capabilities and noise prevention. Hirose Electric is among the few companies developing innovative multifunctional connectors.


Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Application Description: IoT enables smart factories to connect devices, systems, and machines. IoT connectivity provides real-time data exchange and advanced automation.
  • Solutions: High-speed data connectors deliver reliable connectivity with minimal signal loss to facilitate data transmission and communication between IoT devices. Hirose's power and signal connectors, such as the LF and FX23, provide dedicated pins for power and signal for efficient power and signal transmission delivery, optimized performance and minimal energy/signal loss. As IoT devices become smaller and more integrated, the BM28 connector offers compact and robust connector solutions designed to meet the space constraints and durability requirements of these applications.


Machine Learning | Artificial Intelligence

  • Application Description: Machine learning and AI are revolutionizing the world of smart factories by unlocking unprecedented levels of efficiency, productivity and quality control.
  • Solutions: Miniaturized connectors deliver exceptional design flexibility for complex AI systems, ensuring rapid, uninterrupted data transmission and high-speed signal integrity between sensors and field devices. High-speed solutions in board-to-board, wire-to-board, and I/O connections guarantee accurate and consistent data transmission. Connectors designed for AI applications, like the robust CX Series, feature high-mating durability and IP protection to withstand harsh environments including dust/dirt, fluids, shock/vibration and more.


Big Data

  • Application Description: Big Data allows companies to actively collect, analyze, and leverage massive amounts of data generated within smart factories. By harnessing the power of Big Data, manufacturers can optimize processes, predict maintenance needs, uncover hidden opportunities for improvement, and effectively scale operations.
  • Solutions: The FunctionMAX™ family of connectors, such as the FX23, feature a unique floating contact design that ensures signal integrity and tackles alignment issues. FunctionMax connectors also incorporate data security protocols to secure high-speed data transmission and prevent unauthorized access. With Hirose's connector solutions, manufacturers can confidently collect, analyze, and harness Big Data to optimize their operations and secure a competitive edge.


Advanced Robotics:

  • Application Description: Advanced robotics, including automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) and collaborative robots (cobots), provide significant cost efficiencies and improved performance through interconnectivity.
  • Solutions: Hirose's slim in-line connectors, such as the DF62, address the minimal space available for robotic arms with limited space. These connectors offer a water-resistant, slim design for internal wiring, ensuring secure and reliable connections in tight spaces. Robust I/O multi-functional controllers with a strong die-cast shell and user-friendly locking control provide reliable connectivity for advanced robotics. Space-saving designs with smooth contours, noise-resistant EMI pathways and floating features that absorb board amplitude in rugged environments make Hirose the go-to choice for manufacturers seeking cutting-edge solutions for their advanced robotics applications.


Drones in Manufacturing:

  • Application Description: Drones are becoming an integral part of the manufacturing process, including inspection, surveillance, and transportation. Hirose offers a range of connector solutions that address the unique challenges of drone applications, such as size and weight constraints.
  • Solutions: Micro board-to-board connectors provide lightweight and powerful connectivity solutions for drones. Waterproof connectors, like the HR30 Series, are designed to protect against water ingress in demanding environments, making them ideal for sensor interconnection in industrial control applications. Micro coaxial connectors support high-resolution video and data connectivity, while maintaining signal integrity and high data transmission speeds. These solutions allow for increased safety, efficiency, and precision in the manufacturing process.


Industrial Sensors:

  • Application Description: Industrial sensors provide real-time information that can be analyzed and acted upon.
  • Solutions: Specifically designed for industrial sensors, the OneAction FH™ connector is compact, shielded, and user-friendly, Additionally, smart connectors like the ix Industrial™ series support both industrial Ethernet and wireless communication.


Pioneering the Future of Smart Factories

Smart factories are revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape with groundbreaking innovations in automation, robotics, and data-driven solutions. Hirose’s diverse wire-to-board, board-to-board and FPC connector offering allows manufacturers to overcome the challenges of a rapidly evolving industry and meet specific application demands.


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